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We recognize the value of strong communication skills in today's globalized society.
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About OEL
TMJP BPO Services Inc. is one of the leading providers of Online English Education and Instruction, which offers diversified OEL services catering to multi-lingual target audiences, diversified age groups, and English proficiency levels. We are confident that our Online English Learning service will help your language goals effectively and efficiently.
Online English Learning
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OEL Operations
OEL has successfully embraced a 100% remote setup, employing sophisticated tools such as automated scheduling, KPI data generation, customer satisfaction tracking, individual teacher support, SOP-sharing platforms, team tracking systems, and Click-Up processes. This strategic integration ensures highly efficient daily operations, minimizing potential operational issues and missteps.
Training And Quality Managemen
At the heart of the company’s TQM framework lies the core principle of tailoring training, aligning with diverse OEL services, and ensuring exceptional client learning. It combines strategies like flipped classroom setups, technical and soft skills mastery, a well-designed curriculum, interactive coaching, and data-driven monthly audits for comprehensive growth.
Tutor Performance Monitoring
TMJP BPO Services strongly champions an ethos of perpetual enhancement. A comprehensive 360-degree methodology for monitoring and tutoring performance, coupled with meticulous tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and regular Employee Performance Reviews. This approach emphasizes the importance of effective leadership and oversight within our organization and highlights the need for strong processes to achieve our goals.
Online English Learning
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English Language Teaching
Our English Literacy Development programs span from elementary to high school, progressively nurturing language skills. We offer General English Speaking and Writing services to enhance communication and writing abilities. A Level Test helps tailor our programs to your proficiency. Specialized programs include Business English and Conversational English, catering to various needs. Join us for a comprehensive English language journey from foundational skills to advanced ability and career readiness.
English Literacy Development

Elementary (Grade 1 - 6 )

Junior High school (Grade 7 - 9)

High school (Grade 10 - 12)

General English Speaking service

General English Writing service

Level Test for ELL (English Language Learners)

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Student's Profile
We have successfully taught students aged 7 to over 60, encompassing various English proficiency levels. Our experienced tutors are skilled at accommodating diverse age groups and language abilities, ensuring every student receives personalized support on their English language journey.
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