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Triumph Through Innovation: TMJP BPO Services Secures Victory at the KAIZEN Competition!

August 3, 2023

At the heart of TMJP BPO Services unwavering commitment lies an unyielding pursuit of perfection in catering to our valued clients. Our continued efforts to enhance operational prowess and unlock new dimensions of efficiency define our devotion to excellence.

The spotlight shone brightly on TMJ Inc. as it hosted its much-anticipated annual KAIZEN COMPETITION, captivating audiences on May 17, 2023, at the illustrious National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Japan. This year’s tournament set the stage by rallying every division within the conglomerate to submit their innovative Kaizen proposals. The competition unfolded over several phases, ending in a battle in which the finalists presented their suggestions directly to Tokyo’s top leaders.

A man presenting business innovation to a large audience at a kaizen competition.
Three individuals at a podium, speaking into a microphone. Symbolizes a Kaizen event or conference.
A group of people sitting on stage for a Kaizen event.

The season’s Kaizen Competition drew unprecedented enthusiasm, with over 130 entries pouring in from diverse divisions across multiple companies. This resounding response mirrored our collective dedication to our shared mission of refining services through continuous, even incremental, enhancements. Among the sea of submissions, a standout proposal emerged from TMJP’s Digital

Interactive Exchange (SIE) division, titled “AEM-POSSIBLE.” This visionary proposal secured a place among the elite 11 entries that advanced to the main tournament. The spotlight was on as “AEM-POSSIBLE” took center stage, unraveling its ingenuity to a captive audience and a panel of discerning judges. The proposal championed the strategic integration of an in-house AI, leading to optimized quality control and drastically reduced operational time, a feat that translated into diminished client feedback.

Shouldering the responsibility of representing TMJP on this prestigious platform, Department Head Mr. Hirotaka Nikaido handpicked a trio of exceptional delegates: Mr. Roland Allan Pinaroc, Ms. Noemi Darbin, and Mr. King Dranreb Languido. As preparations unfolded, TMJP Management meticulously arranged documentation, travel, and accommodation over four days. This period not only ensured preparedness for the competition but also afforded the representatives the chance to relish Tokyo’s sights and culture.

Touching down in Tokyo on May 15, the TMJP triumvirate commenced their journey at the company’s Tokyo headquarters, engaging with the CEO and Executives. The visit sought to explore one of TMJP’s satellite offices in the Shinagawa district.

A man and woman presenting at a podium with a projector screen, discussing business innovation.

The electrifying competition convened eleven groups from Hokkaido and Kagoshima Satellite offices at the prestigious National Olympic Memorial Youth Center. This dynamic gathering fostered a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, unified by matching ID lanyards that symbolized their shared purpose.

Each participating team was granted 12 minutes to present their Kaizen proposals, articulating the challenge, solution, and tangible outcomes. A panel of experts, including TMJP’s top executive, provided valuable criticism of the presentations. Some of the comments from the Judges are as follows:

“A good example of performance improvement beyond the language barrier, such as the

introduction of the AEM checker tool.”

“The activities are in line with the QC story, and I am proud of the yearly improvements

within TMJP.”

“The ideas and activities themselves that lead to achievement goals are a model for

other centers. Nice presentation!!”

The privilege of securing a spot among the elite, journeying to Tokyo, and competing resonates not only with this year's participants but with all, as it kindles an aspiration to refine their contributions. The next edition of the Kaizen competition is fast approaching, and TMJP intends to defend its title and continue its record of success.

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