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Upgrade your digital management with our Access Control system, combining easy navigation, high-level security, and unparalleled efficiency.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Back Office Support

TMJP offers top-notch shared support services to optimize your business processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

Back Office Support

Why Choose our Shared Services

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Efficiency at Its Best

With TMJP’s business process outsourcing services, you can focus on your business as usual while we handle the time-consuming back-office tasks. Our team of experts ensures smooth operations and streamlined workflows, allowing you to maximize productivity.

Focus on Quality

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service in all aspects. Our severe quality control systems and continual improvement programs ensure that you obtain deliverables that are accurate, reliable, and error-free.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, so do your requirements. With TMJP BPO services, you can easily scale your operations without the hassle of recruiting and training additional staff. Our flexible solutions allow you to adapt quickly to market dynamics.

Back Office Support


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Unlocking success through meticulous precision, our Data Entry Encoding service transforms data into building blocks of informed decisions and flourishing strategies.

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Our advanced invoice processing system expertly handles Slip Processing, APC Cost Apportionment, Order Purchase Acceptance Tasks, and Transfer Slip Tasks, simplifying complex financial logistics with precision and efficiency.


Unlock the power of our diverse report collection, spanning GA, Web KPI, SEO, Social Insights - SNS, and Job Data Creation, to supercharge your digital strategy.

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Upgrade your digital management with our Access Control system, combining easy navigation, high-level security, and unparalleled efficiency.


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TMJP Offers Top-Notch Shared Support Services To Optimize Your Business Processes, Increase Efficiency, And Drive Growth.

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